NodeJS backend for web-based phone application
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Badwidth Node Web Phone

This application is outdated, but will be updated soon!

NodeJS backend for web-based phone application.


Demos uses of the:


Deploy To PaaS


Install on Local Machine

# clone the app with submodules

git clone --recursive

# install dependencies

npm install

# run the app

cd ..

PORT=3000 npm start 

Run in another terminal

ngrok http 3000 #to make ngrok to open external access to localhost:3000 

Open in browser your external url (it will be shown by ngrok).

Deploy on Heroku Manually

Create account on Heroku and install Heroku Toolbel if need.

Run heroku create to create new app on Heroku and link it with current project.

Run git push heroku master to deploy this project.

Run heroku open to see home page of the app in the browser