This example app shows how to implement a simple assisted transfer flow using BXML
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PHP Assisted Transfer With BXML

This project is provided as an example on how to how to implement a simple assisted transfer flow using Bandwidth XML (BXML). The following features are demonstrated:

  • Using BXML for inbound call handling
  • Using BXML to make an outbound call
  • Using BXML to manage separate call flows for different call legs
  • Using BXML to conference separate call legs together


Before you start, make sure that you have the following:

  • A working PHP development environment, including composer
  • A Bandwidth App Platform account (see here to sign up)
  • A Heroku account

First, get the code

Pull down the repo as follows:

$ git clone # or clone your own fork
$ cd php-assisted-transfer-with-BXML
$ composer update

Next, modify the code with your App Platform Account info

Update the credentials by editing the web/recording_handler.php file and replacing the token:secret with your own App Platform token and secret. Edit the web/assisted_transfer.php file and change the $to variable to the phone number you want to transfer the call to.

And deploy it

Using Heroku

Create an Heroku app:

$ heroku create

And deploy it:

$ git add .
$ git commit -m "initial deployment"
$ git push heroku master

This will show the name of your app as follows:

remote:        https://<app-name> deployed to Heroku

Using Docker

Make sure you have the Docker Engine running on a publicly available host.

# build your Docker image 
$ docker build -t bandwidthapp . 

# run your application
$ docker run -d -P bandwidthapp 

# check what port port 80 was exposed to (probably something in the 32-thousand range)
$ docker ps -l

Create an App Platform application to route inbound calls to your app

First you'll want to get a phone number. See [here] ( for ways to buy a phone number.

Next, use the publicly available of your app to create an application in the App Platform dev console. See [here] ( for a detailed example of how to set up an application. Paste the url in the Call Url field and append the php file, assisted_transfer.php, to it. It will look something like or http://yourhost:32443/assisted_transfer.php.

App screenshot

VERY IMPORTANT - Make sure that the Callback HTTP method is set to GET. This tells the App Platform to retrieve XML from the url.

Now add a phone number to the app by clicking the Add Phone Number button and selecting your phone number.

Now just call the number and you'll see BXML in action.