An example of a keypad IVR system using Python and Flask
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IVR For Ordering From A Menu

A sample application build using Python and Flask to demonstrate how to create an IVR using Bandwidth's API

Table of Contents


  • Python version 3.7.0
  • Bandwidth Account
  • BANDWIDTH_USER_ID - Saved to environment variable
  • BANDWIDTH_API_TOKEN - Saved to environment variable
  • BANDWIDTH_API_SECRET - Saved to environment variable

Dependencies can be installed by running

pip install -r requirements.txt

after cloning the repo.

Run the app by running


How It Works

Before running the IVR application, you need to setup a Bandwidth application at This Bandwidth application should have an associated phone number, and be a Voice application that makes a POST request on the url running the IVR.

When the user makes a phone call to your Bandwidth number, the user will interact with the automated prompt defined by the variables MAPPINGS and PROMPT, and be charged based on the values in ORDER_COST