Sample application using ruby to send and receive Bandwidth text messages
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Bandwidth Ruby Messaging Reference App



Before run it fill config file (config.yml) with right values:

api_token and api_secret - auth data for MMP requests to create an user, an extension, etc,

partner, domain, context - values of MMP path where new user and its data will be created (account with given api_token and api_secret should have permissions to work with this partner, this domain and this context),

base_mmp_url - base url for MMP requests,

mmp_websocket_url - url for websocket connections (to receive incoming messages)

catapult_user_id, catapult_api_token, catapult_api_secret - auth data for Catapult API (to search and reserve a phone number, etc)

base_url - base url of this app.

After that run bundler install to install dependencies.

You can run this demo as ruby app.rb on local machine if you have ability to handle external requests or use any external hosting.

Deploy on Heroku

Create account on Heroku and install Heroku Toolbel if need.

Open config.yml and fill it with valid values (except base_url).

Commit your changes.

git add .
git commit -a -m "Deployment"

Run heroku create to create new app on Heroku and link it with current project.

Change option base_url in config.yml by assigned by Heroku value (something like Commit your changes by git commit -a.

Run git push heroku master to deploy this project.

Run heroku open to see home page of the app in the browser

Http routes

GET / with redirect to /users
GET /users with HTML response (user's ui)
POST /users {"userName": "" }  with response  {"userName": "", "phoneNumber": "", "uuid": "", "tokens": [{"token": "", "secret": "", "createdAt": ""}]}  to register an user