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What's this

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It's a pure JavaScript mask input. Now you can use a simple and pure javascript lib to mask your input elements, without need to load jQuery or Zepto to do it.

Let's live a lightweight client-side world using micro libraries as VanillaMasker is! Don't worry about where this will work, because this is a cross-browser and cross-device library. And if you find any bug, please let us know about it reporting an issue.

If you wanna see how this lib works, click to test this demo page.

How to install

Download script

We have the following CDN available, for development or minified versions:

// //

We intent to automatically send new versions to the CDN, but keep in mind that the version you want might not be available there. Of course you can always download and put it in your own site.


For npm users you just run this command: npm install vanilla-masker --save


You can install it via bower too, using this command: bower install --save vanilla-masker


And you can install inside your meteor projects with this command: meteor add bankfacil:vanilla-masker

How to use

Loading the lib

Like I said, you need to download and put this lib in your own site, using this tag below:

      <input type="text">
      <!-- Loading the vanilla-masker lib -->
      <script src="vanilla-masker.min.js"></script>

Common uses

Money format

// Masking input element to money.

// Masking input element to money with options.
  // Decimal precision -> "90"
  precision: 2,
  // Decimal separator -> ",90"
  separator: ',',
  // Number delimiter -> "12.345.678"
  delimiter: '.',
  // Money unit -> "R$ 12.345.678,90"
  unit: 'R$',
  // Money unit -> "12.345.678,90 R$"
  suffixUnit: 'R$',
  // Force type only number instead decimal,
  // masking decimals with ",00"
  // Zero cents -> "R$ 1.234.567.890,00"
  zeroCents: true

// Masking an array of input elements to money.

// Converts number to money string
VMasker.toMoney(1234); // -> R$ 1.234,00

Only numbers

// Masking input element to number.

// Converts any string to number
VMasker.toNumber("123ac34"); // -> 12334
VMasker.toNumber("-123ac34"); // -> -12334

Custom pattern

// Listen the input element masking it to format with pattern.
VMasker(document.querySelector("input")).maskPattern("(99) 9999-9999");

// Converts value to masked phone
VMasker.toPattern(1099911111, "(99) 9999-9999"); // -> (10) 9991-1111
// Converts value to masked date
VMasker.toPattern(12122000, "99/99/9999"); // -> 12/12/2000
// Converts value to masked document
VMasker.toPattern(99911111101, "999.999.999-99"); // -> 999.111.111-01
// Converts value to masked car plate
VMasker.toPattern('ABC1234', "AAA-9999"); // -> ABC-1234
// Converts value to masked vehicle identification
VMasker.toPattern('9BGRD08X04G117974', "SS.SS.SSSSS.S.S.SSSSSS"); // -> 9B.GR.D08X0.4.G.117974

// Pass in an optional placeholder option to represent remaining characters to be entered
VMasker.toPattern('4', {pattern: "(999) 999-9999", placeholder: "x"}); // -> (4xx) xxx-xxxx

Undoing a mask

var el = document.querySelector("input")
VMasker(el).maskPattern("(99) 9999-9999"); // masking the input
VMasker(el).unMask(); // unmask!

Dynamic mask

Sometimes you need swap the mask according with value. You can see the sample below on

function inputHandler(masks, max, event) {
  var c =;
  var v = c.value.replace(/\D/g, '');
  var m = c.value.length > max ? 1 : 0;
  c.value = VMasker.toPattern(v, masks[m]);

var telMask = ['(99) 9999-99999', '(99) 99999-9999'];
var tel = document.querySelector('#tel');
tel.addEventListener('input', inputHandler.bind(undefined, telMask, 14), false);

var docMask = ['999.999.999-999', '99.999.999/9999-99'];
var doc = document.querySelector('#doc');
doc.addEventListener('input', inputHandler.bind(undefined, docMask, 14), false);

Meteor uses

If your app is built on top of Meteor framework, you can use the lib in this way...

  <h1>Welcome to Meteor!</h1>
  {{> myTemplate}}

<template name="myTemplate">
  <input type="text" placeholder="Money" data-vm-mask-money>
  <input type="text" placeholder="Number" data-vm-mask-number>
  <input type="text" placeholder="Date" data-vm-mask-date>

You just need to bind the elements into the template rendered function...

if (Meteor.isClient) {
  Template.myTemplate.rendered = function() {

How to run localhost

  • Install node.js -
  • Clone this repository - git clone
  • Install Grunt - npm install -g grunt-cli
  • Install Grunt dependencies - cd vanilla-masker && npm install
  • Running development mode - grunt dev
  • Open the browser - http://localhost:4500

Run test

  • Run the command: grunt test

Build project

  • Run the command: grunt build

TODO - we need pull requests :]

  • Test Opera mini browser;
  • Beautify Demo Page;
  • Bind mask using data-vm attributes;


Desktop browsers:

  • Chrome 4.0+
  • Firefox 2.0+
  • Safari 4.0+
  • Opera 10.0+
  • Internet Explorer 8+

Mobile browsers:

  • Android browser 2.2+
  • Chrome mobile 35.0+
  • Firefox mobile 29.0+
  • Opera mobile 10.0+
  • iOS Safari 3.2+
  • Windows Phone browsers


Caio Ribeiro Pereira - Leandro Alvares da Costa - Bobby - Henrique Antonini Silvério - Joilson Marques - Leonardo Andrade - Thiago Lagden -


MIT License:


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