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This project contains a number of simple types used by Bankdata financial APIs. The project is intended to aid the implementation of Java POJO models for JSON serialization.

Maven Central Javadoc Build Status License: MIT Known Vulnerabilities


The library is deployed to Maven Central dk.bankdata.api:types and may be used from both Gradle or Maven.


AccountNumber represents a danish account along with an encryption and decryption option.

AccountNumber number = new AccountNumber.Builder()

Which will be serialized as

  "regNo": "some-regno", 
  "accountNo": "some-accountno",
  "shadowAccountId": "some-shadowAccountId",
  "publicId": "gSM4IML5DaaCi3ctaFlP1jrTbpByjMGH9iD28Z96i4gOti8cx0tiaBNwJyDV-YHQj9GYU_OCMwvmh4t0gIv38PlXvMqlUbY7A4Zwan9EBhW_xOxtkZ3Zqneey0DXknf6qV8V-wBFGg5wT-GzHrRn7A=='

NOTE: a publicId will only be generated if a cipherKey has been supplied

To decrypt a publicId use the following method

AccountNumber decrypted = AccountNumber

Error Details

Error details can be used in responses of type application/error+json as follows.

ErrorDetails error = new ErrorDetails.Builder()
    .detail("An unrecoverable error occurred")
    .extension("balance", 23)

Which will be serialized as:

  "messageID": "app.area.sub",
  "status": 500,
  "detail": "An unrecoverable error occurred",
  "balance": 23

Note the use of extension members relies on Jackson serialization features.

Amount with Currency

The library contains a simple type for representing an amount with associated currencyCode. Simply use dk.bankdata.api.types.CurrencyAmount which will be serialized to json as:

  "amount": 12345.12,
  "currencyCode": "DKK"

Date and Time Serialization

The library contains simple support for always serializing date and time into and JSON object with milliseconds from unix epoch as well as a more human-readable ISO formatted date. Note this requires Jackson to be used for serialization.

The date and time will be serialized as follows.

  "epochMilli": 3600000,
  "utc": "1970-01-01T01:00:00Z"

This may be achieved either by using dk.bankdata.api.types.DateTime or by using a standard Java java.time.Instant adding a Jackson serializer like so.

class POJO {
    @JsonSerialize(using = DateTimeSerializer.class)
    Instant dateTime;