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App for collecting band stats, designed to push to Heroku.

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This Rails app is meant to be a quick deploy to Heroku to start gathering free daily stats about your band. Setup is real easy.

The goal of this app is to allow you to see your band's growth patterns across various social networks in one interface. Supported so far:

  • Twitter
  • Myspace

Stats gathering is done by my musician_analytics gem. I'd love feedback on both these projects!

Awesome UI by Corey Ehmke (Bantik)!

"It's easy, dummy."

First, clone this repo:

git clone

Create a Heroku app.

heroku create

Push the app to Heroku and migrate the db.

git push heroku master
heroku rake db:migrate

Setup your config variables.

heroku config:add LASTFM_API_KEY="57493a46a...myapikeyhere"
heroku config:add LASTFM_ARTIST_NAME="Operation ID"
heroku config:add TWITTER_USERNAME="operationid"
heroku config:add MYSPACE_USERNAME="operationid"

Enable free daily cron.

heroku addons:add cron:daily

Navigate to your new Heroku site, and create the shared admin account for your band.

Gather one data point, to test:

heroku rake cron

Finally, watch this repository and subscribe via RSS so you can get new updates. Also, follow @operationid on Twitter for updates, if you prefer that over RSS.


  • Make gathering stats on each service optional.
  • Make the stats page not look like dookie. Use Google Graphs?
  • Gather more interesting stats?

Credits / Shameless Promotion

Written by David Balatero, licensed under MIT. Twitter: @operationid Facebook:

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