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Quick start examples for Banuba Face AR SDK on Unity

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Face AR SDK for Unity example

The example of Banuba Face AR SDK integration for Unity.



Before you commit to a license, you are free to test all the features of the SDK for free. To start it, send us a message.
We will get back to you with the trial token. You can store the token within the app.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

How To Run

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Download the latest libs package BanubaSDK-quickstart.unitypackage and import it using Unity.
  3. Put your Client Token to the Assets/Resources/BanubaClientToken.txt
  4. Open the Assets/Scenes/SampleScene and click Run.

How To Import To Your Project

  1. Download the latest assets package BanubaSDK-import.unitypackage and import it using Unity.
  2. Put your Client Token to the Assets/Resources/BanubaClientToken.txt
  3. Open the Assets/BanubaFaceAR/Demo and click Run.


if you use BanubaSDK-import.unitypackage you need to add BanubaFaceAR/BaseAssets/Scenes/LoaderScene.unity for Windows and Android Build and set Scene for loading like on the image below: LoaderScene


BanubaSDK-quickstart.unitypackage and BanubaSDK-import.unitypackage contains other scenes:

  • BanubaFaceAR/FeatureActionUnits/Scenes/ActionUnitsScene.unity - action units feature example
  • BanubaFaceAR/FeatureBeautification/Scenes/BeautificationScene.unity - beautification based on luts
  • BanubaFaceAR/FeatureMorphing/Scenes/MorphingScene.unity - morphing feature example
  • BanubaFaceAR/FeatureSegmentation/Scenes/SegmentationExample.unity - all segmentation features example
  • BanubaFaceAR/Makeup/MakeupExample.unity - makeup api example

Also BanubaSDK-import.unitypackage contains:

  • BanubaFaceAR/Demo/BanubaSDKDemo.unity - base demo example with all features


You can find more info here