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Banuba SDK Web AR demo app


Obtaining Banuba SDK Web AR

The example uses CDN version of the @banuba/webar npm package for simplicity. Please use the npm package mentioned above for real world projects. Check out the Integration tutorials for more ways of consuming @banuba/webar package.

Obtaining Banuba Client token

Banuba Client token is required to get Banuba SDK Web AR working.

To receive a new trial client token please fill in the form on website, or contact us via

Environment setup and local run

Clone the repository

git clone

Insert Banuba client token into BanubaClientToken.js


Run the live server in the cloned folder

npx live-server

Open localhost:8080

Adding a new effect

Put effect zip file to import/ folder and add zip file name to ./import/effectsList.js file. Example:

export const importedEffectsList = ["", ""];

You can obtain more effects on the Demo Face Filters page.

Learn more about Banuba WebAR SDK on the Web section of