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The latest information about Baobab LIMS community can be found on the [Baobab LIMS](

Baobab LIMS

Baobab LIMS is an open-source laboratory information management system (LIMS) software that will ensure that researchers can track the lifecycle of a biospecimen in the laboratory from receipt to storage and reuse. This software ensures that sufficient metadata is captured.

Baobab is a common name given to nine tree species in different countries in the world, mostly in Africa.

Baobab LIMS written in Plone, a python framework known for its robustness, and inherits some modules from Bika LIMS.

QuickStart with Docker

Play with Docker will give you 4 hours to try Baobab LIMS in the cloud.

DockerHub account needed.

Authentication: admin:adminsecret

Using Docker

Docker Repository on Quay

Kindly install docker using instructions from here and run the following command:

docker run -p 8080:8080

Using docker-compose:

$ pip install docker-compose
$ git clone
$ cd baobab.lims
$ docker-compose up -d

Access Baobab LIMS on localhost:8080:

  • Click on Install a Baobab distribution.
  • Check Baobab LIMS option, then click Install the form.
  • Authentication: admin:adminsecret

Standalone Installation

Baobab LIMS Standalone installation

Further Documentation