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The latest information about Baobab LIMS community can be found on the [Baobab LIMS](

Baobab LIMS

Baobab LIMS is an open-source laboratory information management system (LIMS) software that will ensure that researchers can track the lifecycle of a biospecimen in the laboratory from receipt to storage and reuse. This software ensures that sufficient metadata is captured.

Baobab is a common name given to nine tree species in different countries in the world, mostly in Africa.

Baobab LIMS written in Plone, a python framework known for its robustness, and inherits some modules from Bika LIMS.

Installation using docker-compose

This is the recommended installation method. It uses Docker and docker-compose which handles the details of installing dependencies for you. On your Linux command line, run:

$ git clone
$ cd baobab.lims
$ docker-compose up -d

Running using Docker

This is a quick way to get a Baobab LIMS site up and running. NOTE: using this installation method, the "volumes" where you store data will not be preserved, so this method is only recommended for testing or development. If you want to use Baobab LIMS long term, we recommend using the docker-compose method described above.

Docker Repository on Quay

docker run -p 8080:8080

Access Baobab LIMS on http://localhost:8080:

The first time you run Baobab LIMS, install the Baobab package by going to [http://localhost:8080] and following these instuctions.

  • Click on Install a Baobab distribution.
  • Check Baobab LIMS option, then click Install the form.
  • Authentication: admin:adminsecret
  • Go to [http://localhost:8080/manage_main] and select the acl_users item
  • Click the users item
  • Click on the Password link (next to the admin username) to set the admin user password

Demo with Play with Docker

Play with Docker will give you 4 hours to try Baobab LIMS in the cloud.

DockerHub account needed.

Authentication: admin:adminsecret

Manual Installation

New installation instructions (Recommended installation instructions) Baobab LIMS Standalone installation

Old installation instructions (Don't use these instructions. They will be removed at a later date.) Baobab LIMS Standalone installation

Further Documentation