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Baqend ToDo App

A todo app built on Baqend.


Visit our website www.baqend.com

Read the Baqend Guide online

Do you have questions, a future request or did you find a bug? Open a ticket.


git clone https://github.com/Baqend/todo.git .
npm install

Start the App

To start the app, run the following command:

npm start

Now you can open the app in your browser.

Connect to Baqend

To connect to your Baqend app, you run

npm run login

Then, simply follow the instructions on the screen.

Setup with your own Baqend instance

  1. Apply the schema of the todo app on your Baqend app instance. Therefore, you run

    npm run schema upload <your app name>
  2. Change the connect call in the app.js line 156 to DB.connect(<your app name>)

Deploy to your own Baqend instance

  1. Build your project

    npm run build
  2. Then, deploy the built project code to Baqend using

    npm run deploy <your app name>

and all Baqend code and files will be uploaded to Baqend!


This Baqend Todo-App is published under the very permissive MIT license