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v1.7 - Steam Launcher - Added support for new Steam Library format

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Advanced Launcher

Smart application launcher for the Elgato Stream Deck

Author's website and contact information:

New in v1.7

  • Updated Steam Game Launcher to work with new Steam file formats

Current Features

  • New Start In parameter, allows you to modify the working directory in which the application runs.
  • Programs can now be set to Run as Administrator
  • Limit number of instances running feature. Set limit to 1 to ensure you don't launch the app if it's already running.
  • Kill all existing instances ensures only the freshly launched instance is running.
  • Customize the arguments to pass to launched application
  • Bring To Front feature allows you to bring an app to front if it's already running (To enable, make sure Max Instances is enabled).
  • Shows a 🟢 indicator if the app is already running
  • Process Killer action allows killing all instances of an application
  • STEAM SUPPORT: New Steam Game Launcher action shows you a list of all Steam games installed and let's you launch them from the Stream Deck
  • Support for Microsoft Store Apps (UWP)


I found a bug, who do I contact?

For support please contact the developer. Contact information is available at

I have a feature request, who do I contact?

Please contact the developer. Contact information is available at


  • Uses StreamDeck-Tools by BarRaider: NuGet
  • Uses Easy-PI by BarRaider - Provides seamless integration with the Stream Deck PI (Property Inspector)