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Stock Ticker plugin for Stream Deck
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streamdeck-stockticker v1.6.5 Sep 13, 2019

Stock, Currency and CryptoCurrency Ticker for the Elgato Stream Deck

Author's website and contact information:

New in v1.6

  • Supports modifying the multiplier in the Currency Converter. Useful when the difference between two currencies is very bug (like Japanese Yen and Pound)

New in v1.4

IMPORTANT: The provider of the data we use ( now requires a Free API token. I am working on finding a free solution that does not require an API token. In the mean time, see the Getting an API key section below for details on how to get a free one from

Getting an API key

  1. Register a free account at
  2. Choose the "Start" free-tier option:

3. Verify the account by clicking on the email received 4. Go to API Tokens (in the left menu of the website) 5. Copy the "Publishable" token and paste it into the API key field in the Stream Deck settings


  • View live CryptoCurrencies, directly on the stream deck
  • View live currencies, directly on the stream deck
  • View live quotes of your favorite stocks, directly on the stream deck
  • Press the Stream Deck key on quotes to see additional information (Prev. Close, Today's High/Low prices)
  • Quotes have a customizable refresh rate from every 1 second, up to every 1 hour.


I found a bug, who do I contact?

For support please contact the developer. Contact information is available at

I have a feature request, who do I contact?

Please contact the developer. Contact information is available at


  • Uses StreamDeck-Tools by BarRaider: NuGet
  • Uses Easy-PI by BarRaider - Provides seamless integration with the Stream Deck PI (Property Inspector)
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