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Add TTT_OnRegisterCustomItemPost forward to (#409)

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e54385991 authored and Bara committed Apr 26, 2019
1 parent 6b5a573 commit 1b18c5f0394d5628c28c8b3e860b441fda0ee3b8
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@@ -112,3 +112,15 @@ native int TTT_AddClientCredits(int client, int credits);
* @return True item found/valid, false item not found
native bool TTT_GiveClientItem(int client, const char[] item);

* Called after registers a custom item in the menu/shop.
* @param itemshort The short-tag identifier of the item (must be unique).
* @param itemlong The long fancy name for the item.
* @param price The price of the item.
* @param role The optional role to restrict the item to. (Default: 0 - for all)
* @param sort The priority in Sorting. Buy menu is sorted from high to low. (Default: 0)
forward void TTT_OnRegisterCustomItemPost(const char[] itemshort, const char[] itemlong, const int price, const int role, const int sort);

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