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Readd "-E" flag for sm1.10 builds

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Bara committed Oct 12, 2019
1 parent 98d1b3d commit f73e9bcf2ad24cff668e8fc8299d1508d99b8b0a
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  1. +6 −6 .github/workflows/test.yml
@@ -26,21 +26,21 @@ jobs:
for file in addons/sourcemod/scripting/ttt/*.sp
echo -e "\nCompiling $file..."
addons/sourcemod/scripting/spcomp -w234 -O2 -v2 $file
addons/sourcemod/scripting/spcomp -E -w234 -w241 -O2 -v2 $file
- name: Compile 3rd-party-plugins
run: |
echo -e "\nCompiling addons/sourcemod/scripting/block_messages.sp..."
addons/sourcemod/scripting/spcomp -E -w234 -O2 -v2 addons/sourcemod/scripting/block_messages.sp
addons/sourcemod/scripting/spcomp -E -w234 -w241 -O2 -v2 addons/sourcemod/scripting/block_messages.sp
echo -e "Compiling addons/sourcemod/scripting/ghostdm.sp..."
addons/sourcemod/scripting/spcomp -E -w234 -O2 -v2 addons/sourcemod/scripting/ghostdm.sp
addons/sourcemod/scripting/spcomp -E -w234 -w241 -O2 -v2 addons/sourcemod/scripting/ghostdm.sp
echo -e "\nCompiling addons/sourcemod/scripting/no_weapon_fix.sp..."
addons/sourcemod/scripting/spcomp -E -w234 -O2 -v2 addons/sourcemod/scripting/no_weapon_fix.sp
addons/sourcemod/scripting/spcomp -E -w234 -w241 -O2 -v2 addons/sourcemod/scripting/no_weapon_fix.sp
echo -e "\nCompiling addons/sourcemod/scripting/tripmines.sp..."
addons/sourcemod/scripting/spcomp -E -w234 -O2 -v2 addons/sourcemod/scripting/tripmines.sp
addons/sourcemod/scripting/spcomp -E -w234 -w241 -O2 -v2 addons/sourcemod/scripting/tripmines.sp
echo -e "\nCompiling addons/sourcemod/scripting/turret_core.sp..."
addons/sourcemod/scripting/spcomp -E -w234 -O2 -v2 addons/sourcemod/scripting/turret_core.sp
addons/sourcemod/scripting/spcomp -E -w234 -w241 -O2 -v2 addons/sourcemod/scripting/turret_core.sp
- name: Remove plugins folder and create new ones
run: |

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