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A PoseNet to TouchDesigner integration using Runway
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TouchDesigner + PoseNet with Runway

A PoseNet to TouchDesigner integration using Runway ML

PoseNet in TouchDesigner

What's PoseNet

PoseNet is a machine-learning based pose detection model built on TensorFlow.js. Read more about it in this post by Dan Oved.

What's Runway

Runway is an intuitive machine learning tool for creators.

What's this project

This project is a basic implementation of PoseNet in TouchDesigner via an OSC bridge to Runway. It includes:

1. PoseNet OSC tox

A tox external for communicating with Runway running PoseNet

2. Example project

An example project showing how to use the pose data to outline a face, including calculations of face's distance from the camera.

How to use the .tox

To use the .tox first load it into your project, make sure the OSC port and IP are correct and toggle Enable OSC, this will send the initiation message to Runway and begin streaming detected pose data from the DAT output.

The output includes the overall pose score as we as a _score, _x and _y for every keypoint. Each pose detected, in case the model runs in multipose mode, will be represented as a new row in the DAT.

You can also

  1. choose which keypoints to export (less keypoints improve performance).
  2. Normalize pose coordinates to screen space (0 to 1) instead of absolute pixel position.

How to setup a Runway environment with PoseNet over OSC.

  1. Restore a workspace or start from a new model and choose PoseNet.
  2. Set the output to Network and then OSC and verify the ip and port.
  3. Hit Run PoseNet.
  4. Toggle Enable OSC in TouchDesigner.

Thoughts? issues?

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