Analysis of activity in D3.js repository.
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Analysis of the activity in the awesome D3.js GitHub repository in the last year


D3.js is an amazing open-source JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG. owned by Mike Bostock which you can find on GitHub at
Here I analysed some of the activity in the repository in the last year (Fri 28th Nov 2014 - Thu 26th Nov 2015).

Questions asked & answered:

1. What week in the last year had the greatest number of commits?
The week starting 2015-02-06 (6th Feb 2015).
  1. Visualise the number of commits each week in the last year.
    Find at
    ipynb displayed on GitHub won't show the interactive bokeh plot

  2. Are more commits into Mike's D3 repo done by him (the owner) or by others?
    By Mike.

  3. Visualise the commits by Mike versus others.
    Find at

  4. Over the last year, what day of the week had the most commits?
    Saturday. But it was tight!

  5. Visualise what day of the week had the most commits.
    Find at