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Translates words into a version of Pyg Latin
in which the user can choose the suffix too
Created by: Barbora Doslikova
Date: 05/06/2015
Version: 3.0
# returns the combined user's word and suffix of choice
# translated into pyg latin
def translates():
word = input("Enter a word:")
suffix = input("Enter a suffix:")
if word.isalpha() and suffix.isalpha():
print("Your word translates to " + combine(word, suffix) + " in the Generic Translator!")
print ("Looks like you entered an incorrect word or a suffix, please try again.")
# returns the combined word and suffix
# converted to lower case
def combine(word, suffix):
return transform(word).lower() + suffix.lower()
# returns the word in which the 1st letter is added to the end
def transform(word):
word = word[1:len(word)] + word.lower()[0]
return word
print ("Welcome to the Generic Translator!")