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print "Welcome to the Pyg Latin Translator!"
original = raw_input("Enter a word:") # asks for the user's word of choice
pyg = "ay" # the 'ay' suffix is added to each word
if len(original) > 0 and original.isalpha(): # prints the user's input if the input is not an empty string and not composed of non-word characters
print original + " is a nice word!" # confirms the word choice
print "*****"
print original.lower() # shows step 1 i.e. conversion to lower case
first_letter = original.lower()[0] # step 2 shows the first letter which will be removed
print first_letter
remainder = original[1:len(original)] # step 3 shows the remainder of the word
print remainder
new_word = remainder + pyg # step 4 shows the the remainder of the word with the pyg suffix
print new_word # shows the transated word
print "*****"
print "Your word translates to " + new_word + " in Pyg Latin!"
print "Thank you for using our services."
print "Please try again!"