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Timezone converter bot for Slack
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TimeLord by Baremetrics

Baremetrics provides one-click analytics & insights for Stripe. Get started today!


TimeLord is a lightweight Sinatra app that provides Slack. Once setup, you can type #e,#p,#m,or #c in your Slack channel and TimeLord will post the time in various time zones.

At Baremetrics, we're a distributed team (spanning six different timezones) so when we mention various times in Slack, it can get confusing about what time that means for each person. TimeLord solves that.

TimeLord Example



TimeLord uses a Slack Outgoing WebHooks integration for catching the #e,#p,#m,or #c request and firing it to your TimeLord service. You'll need to add a new Outgoing WebHook first so you'll have the SLACK_TOKEN available for the actual TimeLord deployment steps below.



$ bundle install
$ export SLACK_TOKEN=...
$ foreman start


$ heroku create
$ heroku config:set SLACK_TOKEN=...
$ git push heroku master

WebHook Settings

Once your TimeLord applitimeion has been deployed you'll need to go back to your Outgoing Webhook page and update the Integration Settings. Generally speaking you'll want to use settings like these (adjust as necessary):

  • Channel: Any
  • Trigger Word: #time
  • URL: (the /time endpoint is mandatory)
  • Label: TimeLord
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