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BarnBridge DAO

Implements the BarnBridge Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Governance contracts, allowing token holders to create proposals, vote upon them, and queues up for execution those proposals that have passed with quorum. Includes an Abrogation mechanism to cancel queued transactions.

Any questions? Please contact us on Discord or read our Developer Guides for more information.



Implements DAO logic Creating proposals, voting, queuing, canceling, executing and abrogating.

Smart Contract Architecture


Check out more detailed smart contract Slither graphs with all the dependencies: Yield Farming Slither Graphs.

Smart Contract Specification


Initial Setup

Install NVM and the latest version of NodeJS 12.x

curl -o- | bash 
# Restart terminal and/or run commands given at the end of the installation script
nvm install 12
nvm use 12

Use Git to pull down the BarnBridge-SmartYieldBonds repository from GitHub

git clone
cd BarnBridge-YieldFarming

Create config.ts using the sample template config.sample.ts

cp config.sample.ts config.ts

Updating the config.ts file

Create an API key with Infura to deploy to Ethereum Public Testnet. In this guide, we are using Kovan.

  1. Navigate to and create an account
  2. Log in and select "Get started and create your first project to access the Ethereum network"
  3. Create a project and name it appropriately
  4. Then, switch the endpoint to Rinkeby, copy the https URL and paste it into the section named rinkeby
  5. Finally, insert the mnemonic phrase for your testing wallet. You can use a MetaMask instance, and switch the network to Rinkeby on the upper right. DO NOT USE YOUR PERSONAL METAMASK SEED PHRASE; USE A DIFFERENT BROWSER WITH AN INDEPENDENT METAMASK INSTALLATION
  6. You'll need some Kovan-ETH (it is free) in order to pay the gas costs of deploying the contracts on the TestNet; you can use your GitHub account to authenticate to the KovanFaucet and receive 2 Kovan-ETH for free every 24 hours

Create an API key with Etherscan

  1. Navigate to EtherScan and create an account
  2. Log in and navigate to MyAPIKey
  3. Use the Add button to create an API key, and paste it into the indicated section towards the bottom of the config.ts file

Verify contents of config.ts; it should look like this:

	import { NetworksUserConfig } from "hardhat/types";
	import { EtherscanConfig } from "@nomiclabs/hardhat-etherscan/dist/src/types";

	export const networks: NetworksUserConfig = {
	    // Needed for `solidity-coverage`
	    coverage: {
		url: "http://localhost:8555"

	    // Kovan
	    kovan: {
		url: "",
		chainId: 42,
		accounts: {
		    mnemonic: "YourKovanTestWalletMnemonicPhrase",
		    path: "m/44'/60'/0'/0",
		    initialIndex: 0,
		    count: 10
                gas: 3716887,
                gasPrice: 20000000000, // 20 gwei
                gasMultiplier: 1.5

	    // Mainnet
	    mainnet: {
		url: "",
		chainId: 1,
		accounts: ["0xaaaa"],
		gas: "auto",
		gasPrice: 50000000000,
		gasMultiplier: 1.5

	// Use to verify contracts on Etherscan
	export const etherscan: EtherscanConfig = {
	    apiKey: "YourEtherscanAPIKey"


Install NodeJS dependencies which include HardHat

npm install

Compile the contracts

npm run compile

Running Tests

npm run test

Note: The result of tests is readily available here.

Running Code Coverage Tests

npm run coverage

Deploying to Kovan

Use the code in the scripts folder to deploy the Governance contract on Kovan

npx hardhat run --network kovan scripts/kovan-deploy.js # outputs governance contract address

Use the code in the scripts folder to initialize the contracts

NOTE: You can update kovan-init.js with the Governance contract address created in the previous step or keep the BarnBridge Kovan address NOTE: You can update kovan-init.js with your own deployment of Barn from BarnBridge-Barn/scripts/kovan-deploy-barn.ts or keep the BarnBridge Kovan address

npx hardhat run --network kovan scripts/kovan-init.js

MainNet Contracts




For any concerns with the platform, open an issue on GitHub or visit us on Discord to discuss. For security concerns, please email

Copyright 2021 BarnBridge DAO


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