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For Amazon Fire Tablets and TV's
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LauncherHijack V4

A small Android application to circumvent the default Amazon Fire launcher. Works for Fire Tablets and Fire TV's.
Huge thanks to ParrotGeek1, Speeddymon and Urbanman2004.

  • ParrotGeek1 made V1 and without him I would have never started this project.
  • Speeddymon donated a 2018 Fire TV allowing me to implement Fire TV support. If you have a Fire TV you should thank him
  • Urbanman2004 created the lovely logo/app icon. Be sure to thank him too.

I don't really check XDA but you can talk to other users there at the official threads:


Please read the instructions for your device in


If you find any issues please leave them in the issue tracker. I will try have a look at them as quickly as possible but there is no guarentee I will be able to fix them.


This app will always be totally free and without ads. It's just the right thing to do. That being said development has consumed a lot of my time over the years so if you want to throw me a few quid, bucks or whatever currency you happen to use you can do so through PayPal: Please don't send anything you can't afford, it's your hard earned money after all.

Pull Requests

While pull requests are appreciated I suggest you let me know before putting serious time in as I want to avoid working on the same area and wouldn't want you to waste your time. Also note that some parts of this code can break with seamingly inconsiquential changes due to the hacky methods employed to break Fire OS's strict security configuration. If you don't have to change something or don't know 100% how and why it works I suggest you leave it alone.

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