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Provides a re-usable PHP library for interacting with Codebase HQ ( / @codebase)


  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • cURL extension
  • JSON extension



$secure = 's'; // or leave null to use HTTP
$c = new Codebase('apiuser','apikey','hostname',$secure);
// OR: $c = new Codebase('username','password','hostname',$secure,'userpass'); // log in with normal credentials

$project = $c->project('short-name-for-project');

Available functions

  • projects() // get all projects from account
  • tickets($project) // get all tickets from project
  • project($project) // get specific information about a project
  • notes($ticket_id,$project) // get all notes from a ticket from a given project
  • statuses($project) // get all statuses available in a project
  • categories($project) // get all categories available in a project
  • priorities($project) // get all priorities available in a project
  • addTimeEntry($project,$params) // add a time entry to a project
  • addTicket($project,$params,$files) // add a ticket to a project
  • addAttachments($project,$files,$ticket_id) // add an attachment to a ticket
  • note($project, $note, $ticket_id, $changes) // add a note to a ticket

Helper functions

  • request() // issue the curl request
  • post() // wrapper for request() with POST option
  • get() // wrapper for request() without POST option
  • object2array() // convert PHP objects to PHP arrays


  • v1.1 - Added login method through API credentials instead of regular credentials
  • v1.0 - Added projects(), tickets(), project(), notes(), statuses(), categories(), priorities(), addTimeEntry(), addTicket(), addAttachments(), note(), request(), post(), get(), object2array()