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Download from NuGet - PM> Install-Package NetBash.Database

Simple commands to query your database with NetBash. ConnectionString name can be set with --conn=[yourdb] if it isnt set it will default to the first one found.

Usage: sql [OPTIONS] [QUERY]
Execute sql on your database using NetBash

  -e, --execute              Executes an sql query
  -t, --tables               Lists tables and space used optional filter on  provided table name
  -s, --schema               Display table schema for the provided table name
      --clear                Removes all rows from database
  -cn --cn					 Returns the connectionstring that will be used
  -lcn --lcn				 List all connectionstrings found in the config file
  -c, --conn=VALUE           name of connection string to use (defaults to first found)
  -h, --help                 show this list of options

Basic usage:

sql -e "select * from products"

Show All Tables:

sql -t [optional-filter]

Show Schema:

sql -t [table-name]