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Today, there are still too many insecure web links (HTTP). The purpose of this plugin is to make it easier for the user to know how many unsafe links there are on the web page he is visiting and to encourage him to visit more secure pages.


First Name Last Name Role Email LinkedIn
Simon Kramer Supervisor Kramer Simon
Patrick Grosschmidt Developer -
Sylvain Barthe Developer Barthe Sylvain


GitHub version is recomended only if you want to have the source code.


NOT CONCERNED if downloaded from Firefox Add-ons.

Import Add-on in Firefox temporarly (Developer)

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox

  2. Click on the open menu (overflow menu) and select Add-ons (Ctrl + Shift + A)

  3. Click on settings and Debug Add-ons, Load Temporary Add-on...

  4. Choose the file content.js from the project.

For testing via CLI follow these steps (Developer installation)

  1. Unzip the downloaded folder.

  2. Install NodeJS and npm. Run this command as user with sudo privileges.

curl -sL | sudo -E bash -

Once the NodeSource repository is enabled, install Node.js and npm by typing:

sudo apt install nodejs

npm installation:

sudo curl -L | sudo sh       

Check the installed version of nodejs and npm:

node -v
npm -v

Install nodejs

  1. Install web-ext
npm install --global web-ext

Check if it was correctly installed.

web-ext --version
  1. Navigate with the terminal to the folder.

cd path/of/httpsUpgrader/

  1. To launch it in Firefox.
web-ext run

For more information check the following link:

installation and execution of web-ext

How to use it

  • Run your Firefox browser and navigate to a website.

Links will not be found on a JavaScript generated website.

  • The badge will show the HTTP/HTTPS ratio of the current webpage your are on.


  • To make you aware all HTTP links present on the webpage are highlighted with a yellow color.

  • Once the is popup open, it will display the webpage information.

Find links

  • The Scan button allows to find convertible links. Convertibles are HTTP links that have an HTTPS version.

    • It also show the Convertible links and Convert buttons.

Scan result

  • The Convertible links button open a new tab where all the scanned links with their status code are shown.

    • Learn more about the status code here.
  • The Convert button converts all the HTTP links into HTTPS if it is possible.


  • The Statistics button opens a new tab where some stats information about the browsing session can be found.

    • Ratio is the ratio of the total number of HTTP and HTTPS links found on a domain.

    • Ratio mean is the mean ratio of the ratios found on a domain.


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