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Automated code metrics plugin for IntelliJ IDEA
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Automated code metrics plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. You can find a nice description of MetricsReloaded on the IntelliJ IDEA Blog.

Getting started

Select the Calculate Metrics... menu item in the Analyze menu. Try the Lines of code metrics profile first, if you haven't used MetricsReloaded before.

Command line

Metrics can also be calculated from the command line, for integration into build servers. The results are saved into the specified xml file for later analysis. Enter idea metrics -h on the terminal for help. Make sure IntelliJ IDEA is not running when you try to invoke MetricsReloaded from the terminal or it will not work. For a truly headless experience add the option -Djava.awt.headless=true to the idea.vmoptions file in the bin directory of the IntelliJ IDEA installation you are using on the build server.


Find and install MetricsReloaded from IntelliJ IDEA's plugin manager. Alternatively you can download the zip file manually and unpack it in IntelliJ IDEA's plugin directory.

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