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How to use

This readme describes how to use the scripts to fill the VSTS feeds for Sitecore

gather sitecore nuget packages and its dependencies

First, run the snippet below. The sitecore version is the revision of Sitecore:

sitecore version revision
Sitecore 9.0 update 1 9.0.171219
Sitecore 9.0 update 2 9.0.180604

the Install parameter is used to install all dependencies locally. This is required a a first step to push them to VSTS package management afterwards.

build-flat-dependency-graph.ps1 -sitecoreVersion "<version>" -Install $true

as a bonus, two files we be generated:

  • \output\revision-flat-dependency-graph.txt which displays all packages and its dependencies
  • \output\revision-allpackages-with-dependencies.txt displays a list of all packges for this release of sitecore

push to nuget and add to view

First, create a personal access token to be able to use the rest api to update the view: create personal access token

make sure to store the personal accesstoken in $env:PersonalAccessToken

To upload all the packages, run the following script:

push-to-feed.ps1 -Subscription $subscription -Feed $feed -View $viewname -sitecoreVersion $revision -filename $filename
parameter description
subscription the vsts tenant
feed the package management feed to which the nuget packages should be pushed to
View the view that is used. for example Release-9.0-update-1 or Release-9.0-update-2. This correlates with the $sitecoreVersion
SitecoreVersion when not using a file as input, the packagefeed will be queried for the sitecore version. The revision number (9.0.171219 or 9.0.180604 for example, should be used)
filename link to the /output/<revision>-allpackages-with-dependencies.txt. The script will iterate through it and upload all packages in this list.
optional nugetPackagepath location on disk where all downloaded nuget packages are stored. Default is C:\Program Files\PackageManagement\NuGet\Packages\

An own list can be provided as well. Make sure that the list with packages is in form of "packagename" "Version" and that the package is available in the nugetPackagePath

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