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"""Dump JSON data from Postgres to local storage."""
import json
from typing import Optional
from airflow.hooks.postgres_hook import PostgresHook
from airflow.models import BaseOperator
from airflow.utils.decorators import apply_defaults
from psycopg2.extras import RealDictCursor
class PostgresToLocalOperator(BaseOperator):
Airflow operator for storing a JSON-formatted
Postgres query result on local disk.
ui_color = "#705B74"
ui_fgcolor = "#8FA48B"
def __init__(
pg_query: str,
local_path: str,
postgres_conn_id: Optional[str] = None,
self._pg_query = pg_query
self._local_path = local_path
self._postgres_conn_id = postgres_conn_id
def execute(self, context):
postgres_hook = PostgresHook(postgres_conn_id=self._postgres_conn_id)
conn = postgres_hook.get_conn()
cursor = conn.cursor(cursor_factory=RealDictCursor)
with open(self._local_path, "w") as f:
json.dump(cursor.fetchall(), f, indent=4)
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