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Tiny and Powerful Library for limit an entry (text box,input) as number,string or more...
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Filter Input



Tiny and Powerful Library for limit an entry (text box,input) as number,string or more...

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Getting started

Add the following line to your .html file:

<script src=""></script>

or download the minified file

or use:


This package available in the npmjs repository (filterinput), so you can easily install it with:

npm i filterinput


  • Fast
  • Compact
  • No dependencies
  • Easy using Filters

Supported Tags

currently , only work on <input> tag.

  • input
  • textarea
  • select


Argument Name Goal
data-filter Set type of Filter for a tag
data-filter-lang Restrict allowed languages (soon)

Data Filters

  • Decimal
  • !Decimal (a decimal , not empty)
  • Integer
  • !Integer (a integer , not empty)
  • String (any character , no number)
  • !String (a string , not empty)
  • Alphabet (english,farsi:persian,arabic,china,...)
  • !Alphabet (english,farsi:persian,arabic,china,...) not empty!
  • Alphabet0 (may be have number characters)
  • !Alphabet0 (may be have number characters) not empty!
  • Any (any char or empty)
  • !Any (any char , not empty)

Data Filter Languages

  • english
  • persian
  • arabic
  • all

You can discuss or send a request at here.


To view the full details, run the example .html file.


Decimal :
<input data-filter="decimal" value="5.64">
Integer :
<input data-filter="integer" value="91">


soon will be complete.

You can choose multiple languages. Separate them with ,.


soon will be complete.


npm run dev
npm run build # build the production files


FilterInput is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

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