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The first civilization on earth: List of all news archives in the Kashan City/Kashan News (Kashan Municipality)
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Kashan News

List of all news archives in Kashan City (Kashan Municipality)

Kashan City


  • Official site of Kashan municipality (

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  • Analyzer: Max Base (Email: Max [<@>] Kashan {.DOT.} ir)
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Kashan City

Kashan (Persian: About this soundکاشان; also romanized as Kāshān) is a city in Isfahan province, Iran. At the 2017 census, its population was 396,987 in 90,828 families.

The etymology of the city name comes from the Kasian, the original inhabitants of the city, whose remains are found at Tapeh Sialk dating back 9,000 years; later this was changed to "Kashian", hence the town name. Between the 12th and the 14th centuries Kashan was an important centre for the production of high quality pottery and tiles. In modern Persian, the word for a tile (kashi) comes from the name of the town.

Kashan History

Earliest evidence of human presence around Kashan date back to Paleolithic period that have been found at Niasar, Kaftar Khoun and Sefid-Ab.Middle Paleolithic stone tools were discovered at travertine spring of Niasar and the travertine of Kaftar Khoun. Upper Paleolithic groups were living around Sefid-Ab spring at SW of Kashan.

Middle Paleolithic Levallois flake from Niasar, Kashan Archeological discoveries in the Sialk Hillocks which lie 4 km west of Kashan reveal that this region was one of the primary centers of civilization in pre-historic ages. Hence, Kashan dates back to the Elamite period of Iran. The Sialk ziggurat still stands today in the suburbs of Kashan after 7,000 years.

Tepe Sialk

Tepe Sialk is a large ancient archeological site in a suburb of the city of Kashan, Isfahan Province, in central Iran, close to Fin Garden. The culture that inhabited this area has been linked to the Zayandeh River Culture. Wikipedia


کاشان مهد تمدن و فرهنگ سنتی ایران و مشهور به دارالمؤمنین است. این شهر دارای بیش از ۸،۰۰۰ سال قدمت شهرنشینی و یکی از زیباترین شهرهای ایران است.

کاشان اولین سکونت گاه جمع نشینی و شهرنشینی بشر روی کره خاکی با نام تمدن سیلک بوده و اولین تمدن آریایی و اولین گویش و لهجه و زبان آریایی و فارسی کنونی از این تمدن و این شهر بوده‌است…

کاشان شهری با اصالت و با مشاهیر علمی و ادبی زیادی است و نقش پررنگی در صنعت گردشگری ایران دارد. عده‌ای از مورخین کاشان را با اصالت‌ترین و اولین شهر ایران و جهان می‌دانند.


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