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A repository for Ombre(Ombre is a cryptonote currency) website.
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Ombre Website

A repository for Ombre website available at here.

Ombre cryptonote currency website

You can watch demo of this template at here.

What is Ombre?

Ombre is a cryptonote currency and an indirect for of the well-known Monero currency. Inherited from Monero are strong security, privacy and untraceability features that form a solid basis for further development. Our mission is to enhance the cryptonote protocol to provide a lightweight, secure, well maintained and actively developed (no-nonsense) coin.

Ombre website

Website Dependencies

Main tools:

Secondary tools:

Ombre: Project

All of the tools, libs and theme is free and available for all.

Max Base

My nickname is Max, Programming language developer, Full-stack programmer. I love computer scientists, researchers, and compilers.

Asrez Team

A team includes some programmer, developer, designer, researcher(s) especially Max Base.

Asrez Team

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