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A mini, tiny content manager system (CMS) for general purpose and using for sites based on PHP.
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PHP Tiny Cms

PHPTinyCms is a mini, tiny Content-Management-System.

PHP Tiny Content Management System

PHPTinyCms is a mini, tiny CMS for general purpose and using for sites based on PHP.

PHPTinyCms Site pages

  • main page
  • single page
  • search page

PHPTinyCms Panel pages, Admin pages

  • simply login
  • list post
  • insert post
  • edit post
  • delete post

PHPTinyCms Database

You can easily download .sql file of PHPTinyCms database at here.


There are many features to be create in PHPTinyCms project:

  • Secure login, hash, cookie, user database
  • Search page
  • Category page
  • Tag page
  • Uploading image for post
  • Using better data-type for database columns
  • Anything you think, ...

Max Base

My nickname is Max, Programming language developer, Full-stack programmer. I love computer scientists, researchers, and compilers.

Asrez Team

A team includes some programmer, developer, designer, researcher(s) especially Max Base.

Asrez Team

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