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Redis Dashboard

A Sinatra web app showing monitoring informations about your Redis servers. You can run it in standalone or inside your Rails app.

Redis dashboard


List of your redis servers

  • Connections
  • Memory
  • Commands per second

Detailed views for each server

  • Redis INFO output
  • Redis CONFIG GET output
  • Redis CLIENT LIST output
  • Redis SLOWLOG GET output

Installation inside a Rails app

Add this line in your Gemfile:

gem "redis_dashboard"

In your terminal run the following command:

bundle install

Then mount the app from config/routes.rb:

mount RedisDashboard::Application, at: "redis_dashboard"

Specify the Redis URLs in config/redis_dashboard.rb:

RedisDashboard.urls = ["redis://localhost"]

Finally visit http://localhost/redis_dashboard/.


To protect your dashboard you can setup a basic HTTP authentication:

RedisDashboard::Application.use(Rack::Auth::Basic) do |user, password|
  user == "USER" && password == "PASSWORD"

MIT License

Made by Base Secrète.

Rails developer? Check out RoRvsWild, our Ruby on Rails application monitoring tool.

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