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Baselhack 2019

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Dragos DOBRE : Patrick Delcroix : Camille Renner : Vincent Perrin

A project from the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) working on an insurance solution for low income countries centered around patient centric challenges.


Henning Dahlheim : Robin Freyburger : Julia Jäggi : Raquel Lima : Clelia Meneghi : Jen Stehlik : Ruslan Steiger : Gael Tugler : Jan Walti

Are you tired of remembering to water your plants, even more so knowing how much water they need? With a little digital help that problem will be solved.

Deeplastify < 1st Prize >

Lucas Galery Käser : David Metzger : Salome Müller : Giovanni Nisato : Daniel Racz

Consumers want to know how much plastic is really involved in producing and delivering the good they consume to their homes.

Mews News

Andres Bott : Victor Parmar : Veselin Slavchev

Your personal news feed that brings you the news you are looking for and protects you from being spammed with news you do not want

ChezMa < 3rd Prize >

Tobias Beck : Oskar Dörfler : Jane Parani : Cathrine Pauli : Patrick Winkler

The other kind of meals on wheels service that brings you tasty, seasonal, regional and healthy food with a sustainable food print to your table.


Reto Probst : Sabrina Scherzinger : Svetlana Siarska : Michael Beutler

We all know that we learn best when we move. This team is building an app that allows children to study vocabulary, learn maths and much more while the balance on a ball.

Happy Frog

Yannick Ducret : Daniel Richner : Georg Heß : Nicolas Mauchle : Florence Meier : Tatyana Vogel . Pablo Vergés : Pshemek Zdroik : Moritz Freidank : Andres Gartmann

Water condition monitoring for Herzogenmatt ponds
Sensor 1 (temp) on
Sensor 2 (temp & pH) on


Philipp Alder : Andreas Ambühl : Dario Breitenstein : Jessica Christ : Luca Fluri : Hanna Lisa Franz : Pascal Hostettler : Joyce Hänggi : Koray Oezkaynak : Janick Spielmann

A multiscreen party game that can be played on your smartphone connecting to a map of games on a ipad moving you ahead with every game you win.

Project 13

Sebastian Fix : Andreas Hügli

Getting data sets ready to be used is a task that needs to be supported in a special way.


Sodaba Bashiri : Carlo Field : Gianluca Frongia : Tobias Zischler

A drinking game

Fourier Game < 2nd Prize >

Jonas Meier : Pascal Noser : Fedor Perejoguine : Sajanth Subramaniam

Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier was a French mathematician and physicist, best known for initiating the investigation of Fourier series. The team is developing a game.

Gialale Math

Marco Roth : Valentino Rusconi : Jerome Von Allmen : Gianluca Klimmer

The Gialale team is back – this time developing a maths game.

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