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Remove buggy line in causing "all" option to break

When selecting all, I get the following in my plugins/enabled directory

$ cd ~/.bash_it/plugins/enabled && ls -l
<snip fileinfo>          * -> ~/.bash_it/plugins/[^_]available/*

In other words, the regexp is not being expanded, and I don't think bash
has ever had this capability (I am running 4.2.24) . Looking at the commit
2443162, this line was added so as to disable
some plugins starting with a "_". In this circumstance, this line is
wrong anyway as it skips the directory "_available", rather than

This commit aims to fix this to the installer's intended purpose.
It also does a sanity check that no file exists already in enabled and
skips otherwise. ln -s does the right thing however more human error
message might be more desirable.
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1 parent e1da40a commit 980bd9ea78227fb1b756220f6cfbada0539dccb8 Chris Causer committed
Showing with 10 additions and 1 deletion.
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@@ -31,7 +31,16 @@ done
function load_all() {
[ ! -d "$BASH_IT/$file_type/enabled" ] && mkdir "$BASH_IT/${file_type}/enabled"
- ln -s $BASH_IT/${file_type}/[^_]available/* "${BASH_IT}/${file_type}/enabled"
+ for src in $BASH_IT/${file_type}/available/*; do
+ filename="$(basename ${src})"
+ [ ${filename:0:1} = "_" ] && continue
+ dest="${BASH_IT}/${file_type}/enabled/${filename}"
+ if [ ! -e "${dest}" ]; then
+ ln -s "${src}" "${dest}"
+ else
+ echo "File ${dest} exists, skipping"
+ fi
+ done
function load_some() {

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