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bash-it.completion.bash Added support for `bash-it help completions` command.
brew.completion.bash Move auto-complete code over to available -> enabled style
capistrano.completion.bash Add bash completion support for Capistrano
conda.completion.bash Add in conda tab-completion
defaults.completion.bash add defaults autocompletion for OS X
dirs.completion.bash Added completion for dirs plugin
django.completion.bash Changing mode to 0644 on django.completion.bash
drush.completion.bash Add Drush completion support
fabric-completion.bash Fix bogus bash binary location
gem.completion.bash Refactored gem completion to load gem lists on demand intead of on load
gh.completion.bash Added the gh bash completion file.
git.completion.bash Updated git completion. Fixes #299.
git_flow.completion.bash Move auto-complete code over to available -> enabled style
git_flow_avh.completion.bash Added the bash completion file for git flow AVH edition.
grunt.completion.bash Add in Grunt auto-completion
gulp.completion.bash Added gulp bash completion.
homesick.completion.bash Added completion for Homesick
maven.completion.bash Added completion file for Maven
packer.completion.bash Added packer bash completion.
pip.completion.bash Add pip completion
rake.completion.bash Fix bogus bash binary location
salt.completion.bash Added salt bash completion.
ssh.completion.bash Added parsing of /etc/hosts and support for username@host completion
svn.completion.bash Add svn completion.
test_kitchen.completion.bash Added test kitchen bash completion.
tmux.completion.bash Don't require tmux server to be running for completion to work.
todo.completion.bash Move auto-complete code over to available -> enabled style
vagrant.completion.bash Updated vagrant bash completion.
virtualbox.completion.bash add virtualbox-completion
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