Are we web yet? A simple reckoning of Rust’s readiness for Web-related things.
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Are We Web Yet

This project tries to give the answer to the question, "is the Rust ecosystem ready for web development yet?" This document gives an overview on the structure of the data, the technologies used and how you can contribute to the project. If you want to see the output of the project, please go to


All contributions are welcome to the project. The curators try to review all pull requests as quickly as possible. However, this is a volunteer run project, so please be patient with it. If you are planning on submitting bigger changes to the project, please open a GitHub issue first and talk to the team before submitting to make sure your work will be accepted. Please refer to the CONTRIBUTING document for details.

Code of Conduct

This project is managed under an adapted Contributor Convenant Code of Conduct, applicable to everyone involved in the project (including core committers, maintainers and sponsors) in all forms of online and offline communication (public and private) as well as for all affiliated events and meetings.

Read the full Code of Conduct here


The project and all its work is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. To learn more about the conditions of that License, please refer to the LICENSE document in this folder.

The original work this project is largely inspired by, was done and published by Chris Morgan under the Creative Commons Attribution License (his link suggests, version 3.0).