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Kaylee Demo Projects

Kaylee is a Python and JavaScript framework for developing in-browser distributed and volunteer computing applications that allows programmers to concentrate on business logic by leaving all the computational nodes handling to Kaylee.

You can find all the information about Kaylee by these links:


Install Kaylee, clone the demo projects repository and run This compiles all the available demo projects and creates Kaylee demo environment and launches the demo with the tutorial application.

Demo projects

Monte-Carlo PI

The Monte-Carlo PI is a project described in the documentation's Tutorial section. It is an implementation of a PI calculation via a distributed series of Monte-Carlo experiments.

Hash Cracker

The Hash Cracker is an implementation of distributed cracking of a MD5-hash, which was obtained from a "salted" password. In the given demo scenario, the hash salt is known, and the nodes are looking for a correct password only.

Human OCR

The Human Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a simple implementation of the reCAPTCHA ( The project demonstrates a problem which can be solved by distributing the images-to-be-recognized to various end users.

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