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#pylint: disable-msg=W0402,W0212,E0202
#W0402: 15,0: Uses of a deprecated module 'string'
#W0212: Access to a protected member _wrapped of a client class
#E0202: KayleeUtilTests.test_lazy_object.NonLazy.x: An attribute
# affected in kaylee.testsuite.util_tests line 48 hide this method
import string
from kaylee.testsuite import KayleeTest, load_tests
from kaylee.util import (parse_timedelta, LazyObject, random_string,
from kaylee import KayleeError
class KayleeUtilTests(KayleeTest):
def test_parse_timedelta(self):
t1 = parse_timedelta('2d')
self.assertEqual(t1.days, 2)
self.assertEqual(t1.seconds, 0)
self.assertEqual(t1.microseconds, 0)
t2 = parse_timedelta('2d 1h')
self.assertEqual(t2.days, 2)
self.assertEqual(t2.seconds, 3600)
t3 = parse_timedelta('1h 10m 10s')
self.assertEqual(t3.days, 0)
self.assertEqual(t3.seconds, 4210)
self.assertEqual(t3.microseconds, 0)
t4 = parse_timedelta('25h 10s')
self.assertEqual(t4.days, 1)
self.assertEqual(t4.seconds, 3610)
t5 = parse_timedelta('2d 1x')
self.assertEqual(t5.days, 2)
self.assertEqual(t5.seconds, 0)
self.assertRaises(KayleeError, parse_timedelta, '25x 10x')
def test_lazy_object(self):
#pylint: disable-msg=W0201
#W0201: lo.y defined outside __init__
class NonLazy(object):
def __init__(self):
self._x = 10
self.y = 20
def x(self):
return self._x
def x(self, val):
self._x = val
def x_plus(self, val):
self.x += val
class MyLazyObject(LazyObject):
def _setup(self, obj = None):
self._wrapped = NonLazy() if obj is None else obj
lo = MyLazyObject()
lo.y = 20
self.assertEqual(lo.y, 20)
self.assertEqual(lo.x, 10)
self.assertEqual(lo.x, 50)
def test_random_string(self):
# test length
s = random_string(5)
self.assertEqual(len(s), 5)
s = random_string(0)
self.assertEqual(len(s), 0)
s = random_string(100)
self.assertEqual(len(s), 100)
# test 'alphabet' argument
s = random_string(10, alphabet='a')
self.assertEqual(s, 'a'*10)
# test other arguments
s = random_string(30, uppercase=False, lowercase=False)
for c in s:
self.assertIn(c, string.digits)
s = random_string(30, lowercase=False, digits=False)
for c in s:
self.assertIn(c, string.ascii_uppercase)
s = random_string(30, uppercase=False, digits=False)
for c in s:
self.assertIn(c, string.ascii_lowercase)
# test 'extra' argument
s = random_string(30, uppercase=False, lowercase=False, digits=False,
for c in s:
self.assertIn(c, '123')
extra = '1234567890'
s = random_string(1000, uppercase=False, digits=False, extra=extra)
for c in s:
self.assertIn(c, string.ascii_lowercase + extra)
def test_get_secret_key(self):
sk = get_secret_key('abc')
self.assertEqual(sk, 'abc')
# test when config is not loaded
self.assertRaises(KayleeError, get_secret_key)
# test loading from config
from kaylee.testsuite import test_config
from kaylee import setup
sk = get_secret_key()
self.assertEqual(sk, test_config.SECRET_KEY)
# test if default parameter works after previous call
sk = get_secret_key('abc')
self.assertEqual(sk, 'abc')
# test for proper behaviour after releasing the object from proxy
self.assertRaises(KayleeError, get_secret_key)
# and the final test :)
sk = get_secret_key('abc')
self.assertEqual(sk, 'abc')
kaylee_suite = load_tests([KayleeUtilTests, ])
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