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@Basile-z Basile-z released this Jun 10, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release


  • Project inspector: Reset the file filter when another project gets focused.
  • Symbol list: Reset the symbol filter when another file gets focused.
  • Search & Replace: Propose to restart from the beginning/end when the action FindNext fails.


  • ENTER didn't work anymore when editing non D files. (#471)

Bugs fixed

  • DUB projects: Attempt to fetch DUB dependencies even if they are directly in the description. (#465)
  • DUB project editor: SemVer error when adding a DUB dependency and if the autoFetch IDE option is activated. (#476)
  • Darwin: compilation broken (#463)
  • Search & Replace, Messages: Results of the Find All action were not clickable for a C/C++ source. (#470)
  • Search & Replace: Multi lines regexes didn't work. (#464)
  • Search & Replace: Set focus on the document when the FindNext action succeeds, to avoid little annoyances.
  • Setup program, linux: After a fresh install with sudo the data folder (~/.config/dexed) was owned by root, preventing the settings to be saved. (#473)
  • SymStrings, custom tools: The symbols present in the parameters of a custom tool were not expanded if the option included queryParameters and when passing passing no additional parameters in the input query form. (#474)
  • Todo list: the list appeared empty if the content of an item ended with a single quote character. (#467)
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