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package com.basile.scala.ch14
* Your Java Development Kit distribution has the source code for much of the JDK in the file.
* Unzip and search for case labels (regular expression case [^:]+: ).
* Then look for comments starting with // and containing [Ff]alls? thr to catch comments such as
* // Falls through or // just fall thru .
* Assuming the JDK programmers follow the Java code convention, which requires such a comment,
* what percentage of cases falls through?
object Ex01 extends App {
//Case with no break statement requires such comment
import java.nio.file._
import scala.language.implicitConversions
implicit def makeFileVisitor(f: (Path) => Unit) = new SimpleFileVisitor[Path] {
override def visitFile(p: Path, attrs: attribute.BasicFileAttributes) = {
var (cf, cc) = (0, 0)
val matchComment = (f: Path) => {
val rf = """(?s)case [^:]+:[^:]+?/[/*] [Ff]alls? thr""".r
val rc = """case [^:]+:""".r
val str = Source.fromFile(f.toString, "ISO-8859-1").getLines.mkString
cf += rf.findAllIn(str).length
cc += rc.findAllIn(str).length
Files.walkFileTree(FileSystems.getDefault().getPath("src"), matchComment)
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