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A modular Minecraft API.


  • Java 1.8 or newer
  • Maven 3.3 or newer
  • Git in the executing shell's PATH


  1. Execute git clone from your shell
  2. Execute cd Basin
  3. Execute mvn clean install

Writing Patches

  1. Execute the steps described in Building
  2. Apply your changes to the NMS classes in src/minecraft/java
  3. Commit your changes in src/minecraft/java (Note: Commit by purpose - No single files!)
  4. Run mvn org.basinmc.maven.plugins:minecraft-maven-plugin:generate-patches from the sink directory

Need Help?

The official documentation has help articles and specifications on the implementation. If, however, you still require assistance with the application, you are welcome to join our IRC Channel and ask veteran users and developers. Make sure to include a detailed description of your problem when asking questions though:

  1. Include a complete error message along with its stack trace when applicable.
  2. Describe the expected result.
  3. Describe the actual result when different from the expected result.


See for information on working on Basin and submitting patches. You can also join the project's chat room to discuss future improvements or to get your custom implementation listed.


IRC: (port 6667 or port +6697) in #Basin