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Basin Documentation

A landing page and documentation for the Basin project's modules.

Table of Contents


  1. Clone this repository via git clone or download a zip
  2. Install the project dependencies by running bundler install
  3. Build the site by running PAGES_REPO_NWO=BasinMC/ bundler exec jekyll build
  4. The resulting site can be found inside of the _site directory

In order to permit Jekyll to consistently fetch organization information (such as members, projects, etc), you may also need to populate the JEKYLL_GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable with a personal access token.

Developers may also wish to invoke PAGES_REPO_NWO=BasinMC/ bundler exec jekyll serve instead of the build command in order to automatically recompile any resources when their backing files change.



You encountered problems with the library or have a suggestion? Create an issue!

  1. Make sure your issue has not been fixed in a newer version (check the list of closed issues
  2. Create a new issue from the issues page
  3. Enter your issue's title (something that summarizes your issue) and create a detailed description containing:
    • What is the expected result?
    • What problem occurs?
    • How to reproduce the problem?
    • Crash Log (Please use a Pastebin service)
  4. Click "Submit" and wait for further instructions


Before you add any major changes to the site you may want to discuss them with us (see Contact) as we may choose to reject your changes for various reasons. All contributions are applied via Pull-Requests. Patches will not be accepted. Also be aware that all of your contributions are made available under the terms of the Creative Commons BY-SA, Version 4.0 License. Please read the Contribution Guidelines for more information.


This project is released under the terms of the Creative Commons BY-SA, Version 4.0 License.

Note: The Basin logo is excluded from this license declaration and remains property of Torchmind (see LICENSE).