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CLI streamlink wrapper for

Requires streamlink, python >= 3.6, python-requests

This script hopefully fulfills the needs of the discerning git cloner who wants to watch Twitch, and hates the CPU utilization of having a browser/flash running, especially since the current status of hardware accelerated video on Linux browsers is somewhere between non existent and abysmal.


  • Tracking of most watched channels.
  • Custom layouts: User adjustable colors and columns
  • VOD support
  • Sync your followed accounts to a local sqlite database that does not judge you.
  • Stream multiple... streams at once.
  • Integration with your conky / dmenu / rofi
  • The ability to display alternate names for games / streamers. If your happiness is somehow contingent upon displaying "Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft" as "Wizard Poker", well, you've come to the right place.


  1. Clone the repository

  2. In the root directory, type:

     $ python build
     # python install
  3. Launch with twitchy

Alternatively, use the AUR package:

Please delete ~/.config/twitchy3/* and restart twitchy before reporting any issues.


$ twitchy [ARGUMENT] [OPTIONS]

[ARGUMENT] to the script is used as a search string for channels in the local database.

-h, --help                      This helpful message
-a <channel name>               Add channel(s)
-an [*searchstring*]            Set/unset alternate names
--configure                     Configure options
-d [*searchstring*]             Delete channel(s) from database
--non-interactive [go / kickstart]
                                Generate parsable data for integration elsewhere
--reset                         Delete everything and start over
-s <username>                   Sync followed channels from specified account
-v <channel name>               Watch channel's recorded videos
-w <channel name>               Watch specified channel(s)

First run:
Will create both the database and an editable config file in ~/.config/twitchy3/

While playing:
<q / Ctrl + C> to quit

Run in non-interactive mode. This is useful for integration with dmenu / rofi / conky.
--non-interactive go            Get customizable comma separated list of channel / game data
--non-interactive kickstart <>  Start channel directly without asking for confirmation


Using no argument while launching the script will check the status of every channel in the local database: alt tag

Add channels to local database:

$ twitchy -a bobross <channel2> <channel3> ...
$ twitchy -s <your twitch username>

Display all strings matching obr:

$ twitchy obr
Checking channels...
1 bobross                   80085           The Joy of Painting Monday Season 7 Marathon #painting...
Sonic: Generations
2 mariobro                  123             #WhereMuhPrincessAt?
Wizard Poker                               
3 flatulentcobra            6969            Playing secret Paladin. Killing a puppy later.
Channel number(s): 1-h 2-s 3-l

Custom quality settings: Specify with hyphen next to channel number.
E.g. <1-h 2-s 3-l> will simultaneously play 
channel 1 in high quality, 2 in source quality, and 3 in low quality.

Watch specified channel(s) - Do not have to be in local database:

$ twitchy -w northernlion cobaltstreak
Checking channels...
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth
1 northernlion                5757          Egg
Channel number(s): 1


Thanks to twitchy's --non-interactive flag, it is easy to integrate it with various tools, like the ones below.


Supports the excellent Albert launcher

Move in the plugins directory to /usr/share/albert/org.albert.extension.python/modules


Supports a custom rofi mode

Move rofi-twitchy in the plugins directory to somewhere on your PATH, and invoke it with:

$ rofi -modi twitchy:rofi-twitchy -show twitchy

Of course, you probably want to bind this command to a keyboard shortcut in your window manager.