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<Musical Syndicate's Name> CONTRACT
I. Basics
1. Signing with <Musical Syndicate's Name>
When signing this document, the Artists consents and proudly acknowledge:
A) That he/she/they is/are a member of the <Musical Syndicate's Name> syndicate,
Artist community and organization.
B) That he/she/they trust <Musical Syndicate's Name> to work for the betterment
of music and the art of music, while promoting their work.
C) Finally, that the beauty in this contract is the mutual respect and freedom
given between <Musical Syndicate's Name> and the Artist(s): THIS CONTRACT IS NONE
EXCLUSIVE. You remain free to move without <Musical Syndicate's Name>. <Musical
Syndicate's Name> remains free to move without you.
II. Rights agreements and overstandings.
1. Recordings:
A) All the rights, including executive rights of the music belong to the Artist.
The Artist may use its work in the ways it can imagine or need. However the use of this
right may not interfere with the marketplaces sorted by <Musical Syndicate's Name>,
without a 12 month pre-notification.
B) The percentage taken on physical releases (read vinyl, CD, or prestidigital objects)
has to be agreed before release date and is set between the Artist and <Musical Syndicate's Name>
depending on the financial investments made by the Artist self. However <Musical Syndicate's Name>
may only take enough from the benefit genreated to cover eventual production costs.
(read: we don't make profit)
2. Performances
A) In the case where an Artist finds a gig on its own or through another agency. The Artist
has no financial obligation towards <Musical Syndicate's Name>
B) <Musical Syndicate's Name> has no obligation to find gigs to Artists.
C) Bellow 241 Euros benefit on gigs sorted by <Musical Syndicate's Name>, the Artist keeps
it all. <Musical Syndicate's Name> takes a percentage of 17% on gigs sorted by
<Musical Syndicate's Name> generating more than 241 Euros benefit, after the following logistics
costs have been covered: 1 meal per day, transport in and out and accommodation. This 17% will
be used to reinvest in the Artists production on <Musical Syndicate's Name> (CD, Vinyl,
prestidigital, merch etc...)
3. Promotion
A) <Musical Syndicate's Name> has the right to use the signed Artists name and image in
anyway it can figure as a profitable one to the Artist and the Syndicate.
B) The Artist proudly agrees to put the name of the Syndicate in written form in all promotional
material. Given that this promotion is not serving the interest of another agency that explicitly
want it to be omitted, or when the promotion for any reason could harm the image of
<Musical Syndicate's Name> as an organization focusing on quality music.
C) The Artist understands the importance to communicate future gig dates and takes the
responsibility to inform <Musical Syndicate's Name> of his/her/their movements.
III. Duration of the contract and form.
1. Duration
This contract last from the day signed to eternity, and can be canceled by notifying
<Musical Syndicate's Name> of the desire to leave the syndicate 12 months in advance. However, In the
rare but plausible case where the Artist wouldn't like to be associated with the label anymore.
<Musical Syndicate's Name> accepts to stop selling the music, and removing any press related material
from its server. While it retains the right to play all music that has been released through
<Musical Syndicate's Name>, broadcast all music that has been released through <Musical Syndicate's Name>
and graphically or historically include the work in its discography present at
http://<Musical Syndicate's Web>, or not.
2. Form
The Artist may sign with its blood, but it is not mandatory.
This contract was written and designed by Set Hallström and you may copy it, use it, change it, screw it,
eat it, feed it, make it better or worse.