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better to not rename initial-conf directory in workdir

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1 parent 5c10812 commit d61b667bb0d6d5efce3b18065ffba8ccb7540278 @BastienDurel committed Jan 4, 2013
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@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ cp -p ${CWD}/conf ${CWD}/${WORKDIR}/
cp -p ${CWD}/mtree.conf ${CWD}/${WORKDIR}/
cp -pR ${CWD}/disktabs ${CWD}/${WORKDIR}/
cp -pR ${CWD}/tools ${CWD}/${WORKDIR}/
-cp -pR ${CWD}/${CONFDIR} ${CWD}/${WORKDIR}/
+cp -pR ${CWD}/${CONFDIR} ${CWD}/${WORKDIR}/initial-conf
rm -r ${CWD}/${WORKDIR}/obj
mkdir -p ${CWD}/${WORKDIR}/obj
mkdir -p ${CWD}/obj

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