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Bastille Threat Research Team Tracking Number 1
Document version: 1.1
Cert VU#981271
A vulnerability has been discovered that allows Logitech Unifying keyboards and
mice to be paired with a Logitech Unifying dongle when the dongle is not in
pairing mode, and without any user interaction.
This vulnerability allows an attacker to force-pair a fake keyboard or mouse
with a target Logitech Unifying dongle without any user interaction, and without
the dongle being in pairing mode.
Affected Platforms
The following products have been tested and shown to be affected:
- Logitech Unifying dongle (USB ID 046d:c52b)
- firmware version 012.001.00019
- firmware version 012.003.00025
Exploiting this vulnerability involves transmitting RF packets to a Logitech Unifying
dongle, which requires physical proximity to the target computer.
More Information
Marc Newlin
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