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Bastille Threat Research Team Tracking Number 12
Document version: 1.0
A vulnerability has been discovered that allows an attacker to inject keystrokes into a computer
equipped with a Logitech G900 mouse.
Affected Platforms
The following products have been tested and shown to be affected:
- Logitech G900
- Logitech G900 dongle C-U0008 (USB ID 046d:c539)
Transmitting unencrypted packets to the RF address of a Logitech G900 mouse will generate keypresses.
Exploiting this vulnerability involves transmitting RF packets to a Logitech USB dongle, which
requires physical proximity to the target computer.
Suggested Solutions
The transceivers used in the G900 USB dongle and mouse support 128-bit AES encryption. Updating
the firmware on the dongle and mouse to enable encryption would mitigate this vulnerability.
Test Environment
Keystroke injection was tested using a nRF24LU1+ based USB dongle, transmitting to a G900 USB dongle.
Marc Newlin