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@chapter Output Devices
@c man begin OUTPUT DEVICES
Output devices are configured elements in FFmpeg which allow to write
multimedia data to an output device attached to your system.
When you configure your FFmpeg build, all the supported output devices
are enabled by default. You can list all available ones using the
configure option "--list-outdevs".
You can disable all the output devices using the configure option
"--disable-outdevs", and selectively enable an output device using the
option "--enable-outdev=@var{OUTDEV}", or you can disable a particular
input device using the option "--disable-outdev=@var{OUTDEV}".
The option "-formats" of the ff* tools will display the list of
enabled output devices (amongst the muxers).
A description of the currently available output devices follows.
@section alsa
ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) output device.
@section oss
OSS (Open Sound System) output device.
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