Sample scripts for use with Apache NiFi's ExecuteScript processor
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NiFi Scripting Samples

This repo contains samples scripts for use with Apache NiFi's scripting components, especially the ExecuteScript processor. Additionally, the repo may be cloned and modified to unit test custom scripts using NiFi's mock framework.

ExecuteScript Samples

Scripts are designed to demonstrate basic ExecuteScript techniques in various languages:

Topic Groovy Javascript Python
Reading and writing flowfile attributes attributes.groovy attributes.js
Logging log.js
Transforming an input flowfile to a single output transform.js
Splitting an input flowfile to multiple outputs split.js
Writing counter metrics counter.js
Reading properties.js
Reading and writing state state.js
Parsing URIs parse_uri.groovy
Converting XML to JSON xmlToJson.groovy


Please help. These sample scripts are very likely to be buggy, unnecessarily complicated, misguided, downright stupid, or all of the above. Please open an issue for bugs and new contributions.


Apache License 2.0